Taken! (Rough Group Erotica 3-Book Bundle)

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I’m just a cute blonde college girl who’s trying to collect money for charity. But everywhere I go, groups of big, cruel men grab me and do all kinds of nasty sexual things to me. It’s awful and degrading…and yet it always turns me on so bad!
This 3-book bundle of erotic indignities includes:
Taken by the Cops - I’m just a cute blonde college girl who came to the police station to collect money for charity, but here I am in the interrogation room, handcuffed and naked, while a dozen cold, cruel cops do all kinds of nasty, degrading things to me. And the most degrading thing of all is how turned on I am by what they’re doing!
Taken by the Criminals - After the cruel cops were done having their way with me, I thought for sure they’d let me go. Instead they’ve locked me in a cell with dozens of the city’s worst criminals. Now these wicked men are all around me, pawing at my naked flesh, pulling me down onto the cold concrete floor to subject me to hours of terrible sexual indignities. And the most terrible part of all is how much I like it!
Taken by the Pirates - After what happened at the police station, I vowed to stay away from downtown and all the nasty men there! Instead I came to the docks, hoping to find some wholesome, charitable sailors. I didn’t expect to find a real-live pirate ship! And I certainly didn’t expect dozens of vile, sex-crazed buccaneers to come storming out to seize me and haul me aboard. And now here I am, helpless and naked amid this leering, cackling throng as they tie me down and do all kinds of nasty sexual things to me. And once again, I’m wracked with shame at how much I love every awful, degrading minute of it!

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