Gas and Petroleum Engines


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Gas and Petroleum Engines is a 1898 translation of a work by Frenchman Henry De Graffigny. The book follows the format of several texts of the time, except this one is lighter on theory and goes into details of multiple specific engines. Included is a brief history of the gas engine, which, unfortunately, is not illustrated. It then goes into a section on gas engine theory, after which it jumps into descriptions of specific engines available at the time. Since it was originally written in France and translated in England, the engines are all of European origin. Engines include Lenoir's 4 cycle engine, Benier, Forrest, Martini, Charon, DeDion, Grob, and Hornsby-Akroid, to name a few. Also included is a list of engines tested and the results, and a chapter on gas producers. The illustrations are small, but still retain most of the detail.

A READABLE and instructive account of gas and petroleum engines is given in this little volume. The text can be easily followed by non-technical readers interested in gas and oil engines in use at the present time, and engineering students will find in the volume a good general survey of internal combustion motors. The subjects of the eight chapters are: the history of the gas engine, working principles of the gas engine, description of existing gas engines, carburetted air engine, petroleum engines, gas generating plant, engines for use with poor gases, and maintenance of gas and oil engines.

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