Potty Training Made Easy

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Potty training is a subject that strikes a chord of fear in many parents’ hearts, understandably. It is not like other milestones. No one really teaches a child when to walk or talk, he just does so when he is ready. Toileting is different and parents need to teach the child when and how to toilet.
There are lots of books and fragmented information out there on potty training. But, what this guide seeks to do is to give parents choice. Yes, the choice to choose what method works best for them. And so, the author has put together the best potty training methods in an easy to understand format. Each method comes with a detailed description, including a step-by-step guide to help you implement it. What's more, the author discusses the pros and cons of each method so that no parent has to go in blindly.
Some of the methods that are explored in this book include the child-centred approach, the infant training method as well as, the 3-day method, the 7-day method, and the one-day method. To cap it up, the author provides a recommended method, which is a hybrid of several well-known approaches. It is simple, straightforward, and easy to put into practice.
This book is a hand guide for every parent who will ever go through the potty training stage with their child. It gives you the much-needed confidence to face the stage with patience, calmness and a glass of wine. Read to create a pleasurable toilet training experience for your child and for yourself.

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