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So far, the Success books spoke on only achieving the desired visions and planned goals regarding wealth, prosperity, fame, establishment of business empires, big positions; or tips to achieve anything you want in life; completing the objectives; accomplishing the plans; reaching the career goals; accumulating abundance; the do’s and don’ts, etc. But this book, ‘Selfie of Success’, speaks about Success in 360 degrees, which is its USP. It encompasses all the angles of success, providing various insights and comprehensive perspective of the world of Success. Everyone, who wants to reach Success, should read it to know the unimaginable and fascinating aspects of Success. ‘Selfie of Success’ presents a holistic view of the Success in a poetic and philosophical way, with fluid style. The aspirant of Success cannot so far imagine what the side effects of Success will be; and what the sins of Success will be. The succeeding real life stories highlight each concept in a subtle way. This is a unique book on Success, because the soul of Success itself speaks directly to you from the depths of its story. As Success speaks from its heart, it is like a face-to-face conversation with ease and grace. A must read for its lucid style and unique taking, as well as its comprehensiveness.

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