The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a Story of Climate Change (Part 1)

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The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a Story of Climate Change (Part 1) - copertina

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My name is Polo. I'm a polar bear and I'm MAD because my Arctic home is melting!
In this comic you can find out why this is happening and read about my amazing adventures across the world as I learn about this thing called climate change.

Information on climate change and global warming is often overwhelming and confusing. The Adventures of Polo the Bear will help readers aged 9 and above understand the causes and effects of climate change around the world, explore different ways people are reacting, and explain how everyone can get involved in the fight against today's climate crisis. 

It all started like this...
The walrus looks large and juicy, and not too far away. I haven't eaten in days. It seems to be getting harder and harder to find food lately, and the ice is often unsafe to walk on, like it's melting or something. I creep up stealthily to the dozing walrus...careful...quietly does it...just a few more feet... suddenly the walrus wakes up! In a split second, with a flurry of flippers it's disappeared over the edge of the ice and plunging deep into the Arctic sea! 
Instants later, a large CRACK! shatters the white silence of the polar landscape: the ice I'm standing on has broken away! I'm immediately at the mercy of the rough, black, cold waters and strong currents. My piece of ice starts to drift away.. further and further out to sea. Days later, my ice island is now tiny... I can barely stay on it... a terrible storm gathers on the horizon...

This is the story of a young polar bear who quite unintentionally finds himself on an odyssey around the world, vaguely looking for food and wondering how to get home. In Part 1 of this series, the bear initiates his journey in the North Atlantic, making landfall in north-eastern Canada, southern United States, the highlands of Colombia and Peru, the Galápagos islands of Ecuador and the Marshall Islands in the vast Pacific Ocean. Everywhere he goes, he encounters evidence of climate change on people, communities, ecosystems and wildlife. The bear also discovers the strategies that are already being implemented to reduce and adapt to climate change, making this a book more about solutions than problems. 
Part 1 closes with Polo's special Climate Change Classroom in which he explains some basic climate change terms and concepts, as well as tips and ideas to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle - in Polo's words, 'wherever you live and whoever you are!'.  

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