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A smart tourism approach aims at enhancing tourism development through tailored ICT-driven innovation that empowers tourism entrepreneurs and the tourism sector overall. In other words, the smart use of technology for sustainable and shared supply chain as well as the digital layout for tourism destinations are the mainstreams of new business models. In such a way, the tourism destination management may be improved by increasing transparency, demand without intermediation and enabling local governments to make better informed decisions. Within this context, a research question occurs: Which is the strategic attitude allowing the enhancement and development of the tourism sector? Being SMART is certainly one response. Indeed, the higher level of smartness in the tourism sectorshould be achieved by the linkage between the following fundamental key features: Sustainability, Measurability, Awareness, Recognition, Technology.Therefore, this book aims at developing conceptual, empirical, experimental researches and case studies around managerial tools and strategies for improving and re-shaping business models within the field of tourism destination management. The five issues mentioned above are fundamental to achieve an effective and integrated management of tourism strategies.

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