Windows on the river

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Windows on the river, Paola Drigo translated by Emanuela Marrocini.Paola Drigo is an Italian author, often unknown to the public. Her most important novel is Maria Zef, translated into various European languages?, Two film adaptations entitled Maria Zef were released. This short tale by Paola Drigo drives the reader into an enchanted atmosphere made of fading landscapes and sudden scenes of everyday life, and through the observation of places and people from her windows on the river, the Author starts a deep introspective journey.Through an imaginary conversation with Montaigne, here described as a friend, living friend, supported by quotation of the French philosopher, the Author faces fundamental themes: the fear of death, the necessity of finding a sense in living even with the certainty that what we call one day will disappear and fade into dust.A brief yet intense and involving lecture, which leaves a profound sense of belonging, as single human beings, to a superior and common project, where our soul, with its longings and wishes, is the real protagonist.

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