Body Sense. Stories of Psychotherapy Supervision

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This book proposes a new code for reading the body that allows us to discover the intelligent sense of difficulty and to understand why we are the person that we are. It is presented within narratives of life stories from group supervision sessions.
The body has sense because of the marks incised left from life’s experiences. It has sense in the highest and deepest meaning of the word because of its multi-sensorial intelligence that reads between the lines of communications and relationships, with the tastes and flavours, with visual and physical contact, with the tone of voice and the field atmospheres. Intelligance is the logos which the body announces to us and presents to us in its complex beauty. The body has sense, and it knows how to be an indicator for the I-Subject to which it narrates the wisdom of life. The body has sense because it knows of the future and the past, of joy, pain and fear, it knows of potency and tenderness, it knows of learning and restitution.
Psychotherapy needs to learn and life's great manual is written on the body by its intelligent history, it offers superlative indications for the psychotherapist.

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