A guide of Pompeii for curious children

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Visiting Pompeii is like taking a trip to the past, going back almost 2,000 years to a city that was stopped in time on the 24th August, 79 A.D. You can walk on the roads that were travelled by wagons, you can enter into the houses, you discover the details of everyday life, and you expect to see gladiators enter the amphitheatre being acclaimed by the crowd… If you are curious to learn about the life and organisation of a Roman city, this guide is for you! It will help you understand how the city was built: the streets, the square, defence walls, houses, shops, and public buildings. You can get to know how its occupants were living from day to day: where they stayed, worked, prayed, and what they would do in their free time... it’s a magical and unique journey discovering the most famous archaeological site in the world!

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