A mistake of youth

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    Gialli e thriller, Letteratura

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Futura is pregnant for the second time, and to Patrick it seems that their world is perfect, but news from the past might upset everything. Patrick is indeed contacted by one ex girlfriend, Arlene, who confesses having an almost-teenage daughter who might be his. He has no courage to disclose this to his wife. But there are also other news heralding pain. Futura and Patrick have been for years pen pals with Luis, on death row in Alabama for a manslaughter committed fifteen years ago under the influence of drugs. Now his trial is complete, and his execution scheduled right for the day when Futura should give birth to her daughter. Only Mac, a friend of Patrick and Futura, as well as a VIP, might have some chance to obtain a pardon for Luis, but first he must put his prejudice aside.

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