Dangerous Liaisons in The Kitchen, Charmel Roses's menu


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6 courses, 6 recipes developed through 6 short stories. (from: THE MAN I LOVE, First Course) Summer was over; it had run away on tiptoe. Autumn’s fresh and sometimes chilly breeze swept the lonely roads at night, blowing against windows like a sweet lullaby. It had been a long and tiring day, and fortunately, it was nearly over. Federico peered over my computer screen. "Tonight, dinner with colleagues, everybody at the Indian restaurant. They make a great Tahari Biryani! Don’t miss it. There are also two great pussies from the office. I bet I'll fuck them both," he said. "I bet I’ll fuck them before you manage to find your dick." I left the office. It was late, and the shops were closed. I looked at my reflection in the darkened windows. Time dragged, the minutes ticked by, old songs brought back fragmented memories. "The Man I Love." Her voice echoed in my distant thoughts, in the pictures I painted in my mind, dancing around the colours and traces of vague memories, shadows that flickered on the walls of my apartment.

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