Dangerous Liaisons in the Kitchen, Cristiana Danila Formetta's menu


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6 courses, 6 recipes developed through 6 short stories. (from: NAUGHTY BOOKS, First Course) Poetry represents a carnal desire that thrives on sin and can turn even the most innocent girl into a mistress of lust. When I was twenty, I used to devour books and poetry. I read almost everything by the Divine Marquis, from his more popular work to the slightly more pornographic publications. Sacrilege and blasphemy fed my imagination, but fantasy was no substitute for a live show of a body that loves and quivers for another. As soon as I understood this simple concept, I let go of my fantasies and devoted myself to the straightforward observation of sex. But what might seem trivial, grey, boring and obvious to others, was much more interesting than an adventure novel to me. I spied on other people just to capture that unique and sublime moment of pleasure, and I identified myself with those who were "sensuous of all ages and sex" and whose morality De Sade had challenged in his day.

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