The complete drums' method


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ALL THE FUNDAMENTAL TOPICS FROM THE BASIC ELEMENTS TO JAZZ INDEPENDENCE Treated above all is the basic level leading towards a presentation of an intermediate and advanced level The text is defined as unique in its kind and its target is the orientation in the drums’ world and in the choice of the teacher; how to interact with him has many text pages that explain in detail many steps concerning the exercises, the movements, the gestures, etc. that are not present in any other method of this kind and substance. The first method in Italy (and not only) with text pages containing detailed explanations that are very useful to orientate ones’ self in the drums’ world and in the choice of the teacher, from the comparison of drums to the didactic techniques turned into an authentic and not commercial ethic. With some new effective and very useful concepts also for teachers. It includes the fundamental exercises for jazz independence and a lot more.… It contains more than 100 text pages with explanations on how to tackle and to play the exercises with some new effective concepts; More than 150 pages with hundreds of exercises (rudiments, coordination, jazz independence, hands, rolls, rhythms, applied practice solfeggio, etc.) that can be developed, through the manifold included versions, in a dozen thousand exercises… This is done with the purpose to have a wide range of exercises that you can choose from. I didn’t want to include a cd with the exercises because I thought it is always better to face each problem with your own teacher and to think it over at home.…! Some Extratcts: Copyright 2006 by Massimo Aiello International Copyright Secured Made in Italy Used by Permission

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