Anarchemy {English}

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The Agendaneers are responsible for this apocalypse… Schematoria and Perturbatory are where they send you for re-education. -And Anarchemy is the universal language of dissention adopted in response to this catastrophe by the wasteland's survivors... "Anarchemy" {-The Crypto-Contagion-} is an experimental prequel to commercial post-apocalyptic / sci-fi RPG-FPS products; and will also be released as the final installment of an Espionage-Thriller series entitled "The Agendaneers", as this series is completed in 2014. The First book of this series is entitled "The Agendaneers - Schematoria"; and this feature-length Novel was released by Italian Publisher Narcissus, in February of 2014. By popular demand, -both "Anarchemy" and "The Agendaneers" having achieved ALL-TIME BESTSELLER status at the iBookstore, these editions have now been released in English, Dutch, Chinese, French, Italian, Malay, Spanish, Norwegian, Polish, Mauri, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Persian, Korean and German! Enjoy!

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