THE FLEXIBILITY of ROLES will be the dawn of a resurgent love


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THE FLEXIBILITY of ROLES will be the dawn of a resurgent love adult fiction Since she had known him, exactly one week before, Elena had not heard from him. Gianni, in his blissful ignorance, still had felt a change in the behavior of his partner, noting indisputable traces of impatience and nervousness; he, therefore, became more and more persistent in seeking her sexually, but she was light years away from him, from their beautiful home and even from herself. She dreamed only of being taken by that particular man, to give him the sodomy of her almost virginal backside. She was thirsty for new experiences, to finally be tamed by someone who had the right charisma and potential to do so. "He has eventually started to follow your advice, that recalcitrant new purchase you did," announced Christopher to Elena when she crossed the threshold of the office. "Apparently, you were right about the reliability of my instincts" echoed back she, trying to ward off the bad mood which she brought with herself like a black cloud over her head since she had gone out of her home. She walked to her polished mahogany desk, ignoring the inquisitive glances of her secretary, who was watching her with too much interest. While she was getting the computer started, annoyed by the long and impertinent scrutiny of her employee, she had a sudden rush of anger, "What the hell are you looking at now?" He played the innocent and moaned an answer of denial. While she was visioning a manuscript Clare had sent her, Elena remembered that she hadn’t checked the mails yet. She automatically clicked on her already set email address. She ran the cursor on the many advertising mails that she would have wiped out without even reading them as usual, until one named Esclaves caught her attention. Had she read that right? She got back and opened the e-mail. Member n°01 727 In accordance with the rules of "Bijou Esclaves Society-The Dollhouse", we attach to this email the contract which the Master Leandro Aguero requested as validation of your future sessions and to eventually dispense the Society from any civil or criminal liability. Once you have read and signed at the bottom of it, please return it to the Master who will send us a copy to be kept in the Archives. Thanks for your attention, The Society. © Copyright 2014 - Gian franco Borelli – EROTIC FICTION WRITTEN BY WOMEN

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