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For his birthday, Leonardo receives a book of Scottish legends, among which is the story of the ghost of Annie, a little girl who lived in Edinburgh during the time of the plague and who was walled up alive under the city. It is said that she is still searching for her doll in the narrow passages that wind through the underground. A series of coincidences bring our young protagonist to Scotland where, determined to know what really happened to Annie and other children like her, he finally arrives at the heart of the mystery.
Laura Mandolesi, with Alibù: the subterranean mystery of Edinburgh gives us a delicate story in a supernatural key about childhood development. A ghost story, set in the wild corner of Scotland, in which adventure, dramatic turns of event, humor and suspense follow in rapid succession. At the end, every piece of the puzzle finds its rightful place and the veil of mystery which surrounds the story and its characters is torn away.

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