Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory


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Floating Tomb: Black Metal Theory is a collaborative collection of writings in black metal theory (BMT), an amorphous ‘metallectual’ movement initiated in 2009 with the symposium Hideous Gnosis. According to its earliest formulation, BMT seeks to creatively destroy the boundary between metal and theory, to make something new in the space of their shared negativity: ‘Not black metal. Not theory. Not not black metal. Not not theory. Black metal theory. Theoretical blackening of metal. Metallic blackening of theory. Mutual blackening. Nigredo in the intoxological crucible of symposia’. This volume gathers together previously published and new work on BMT focusing onmysticism, a domain of thought and experience with deep connections both to the black metal genre and to theory (theoria, vision, contemplation). More than a topic for BMT, the mystical is here explored in terms of the continuous intersection of black metal andtheory, the ‘floating tomb’ wherein metal is elevated into the intellectual and visionary experience that it already is.

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