8 November

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Water, an original element whose depths remain hidden mysteries, distant and arcane. The home, an emblem of family protection articulated by the hands of an alarm clock, time, which becomes the pretext in which we often would like to be allied but fail to do so. The tree, the image of the sensitive nature, which with its roots, represents the mother of all things and our world. An entity otherworldly, endowed with an invincible artificial intelligence. A perfection so coveted by our society that via a system both rational and technological, aspires to immortality. The divine child, immune to physical and mortal boundaries. Each of the six stories illustrated and collected on “8 November”, evoke images and symbols that occur always in “transition” from a known reality to one unknown: the unknown that destabilises certainties conquered by man over thousands of years, becomes tangible and dramatic. The day of 8 November becomes then the date “pre-selected” for the settings that follow, gradually in different epochs from the mid-nineteenth century until a futuristic 2083, outlining, from time to time, a language of expression appropriate to the “chronological” circumstances. The number 8 was chosen for the multitude of alchemical content with which many cultures from time unmemorable have defined it: reincarnation, eternal continuity, cosmic balance, death seen as a transition, the sign of the Beast and the symbol of the devil Astaroth in demonology. Your rational beliefs as a reader will be turned upside dragged towards the acceptance of an inevitable, tragic, and supernatural reality that in its dramatic onset, conceals a deep philosophical content: the devastating search for human perfection, known for its fragility and, in spite of everything, for its attempt to dominate the progenitor nature, against which it cannot object like in this last case, “as it’s taken seriously.” Time is the true hero-god, as in as much that it uniformly establishes the universal order of things, preventing human beings from rendering absolutes of each and every other element.

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