Iskìda of the Land of Nurak – Illustrations and Making-of


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The ebook contains all the illustrations and making of of the three seasons of the saga "Iskìda of the Land of Nurak".
Iskìda of the Land of Nurak is a fantasy trilogy for young adults written by Andrea Atzori and illustrated by Daniela Orrù and Daniela Serri.
Iskìda is a young heroine in a “prehistoric” world of war and magic, inspired by Sardinian and Mediterranean folklore. She is a sorceress, wild and independent, brave and pure-hearted. She is a Dream Walker, a special kind of witch who – through dreams – must explore different worlds in order to save the threatened one in which she lives: Nurak, an ancient land of Gods and Giants.
Masterly written by Andrea Atzori and beautifully illustrated by Dany&Dany, this is an action-packed fantasy adventure in a wholly-realised world of magic, clans and powerful dreams.
Land of Nurak, ancient Land of Gods and Giants.
Thirty-two are the Clans, thirty-two are the Astral Signs,
thirty-two are the Moons, four are the Magic Elements.
Subtle is the boundary between sleeping and waking,
within dream and reality,
and in the veins of the Wanderers flows the power to cross it.

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