Syncretisms, Fetishisms, Ubiquities

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Syncretisms, Fetishisms, Ubiquities is constructed through the composition of some keywords with the explicit aim to elaborate a political-cultural critics through the exact imagination of an undisciplined ethnography. Syncretism is connecting fragments of incompatible cultures in a montage of familiar and stranger beyond any dialectical synthesis. Fetishism re-enacts the metamorphic desire of mixing organic and inorganic, subject and object, screen and skin beyond any dichotomic logics. Ubiquity is expanding the possibility to experience differentiated spaces for the same subject through digital communication. The constellation realized thanks to these keywords – together with polyphony, dialogic, anthropophagy, heteronomy, astonishment, transe, diaspora - will project an epistemological design, through which it will possible to discover an ubiquitous utopia: between no-space with any-space is emerging a not-anthropocentric anthropology."We are living in a digital cosmopolitan ubiquitime. An ubiquitous utopia is emerging connecting no-space with any-space. An anthropophagic neo-humanism is moving between utopia and ubiquity toward a not-anthropocentric anthropology."[ Massimo Canevacci ]

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