The Scent of the Moon


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Kazimir, Svetlana and Anastasia are real characters. They live in a very remote part of the Siberian steppe. Kazimir is a white shaman with extraordinary power, a healer whose fame has reached as far as Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Moscow. Svetlana is a black shaman, able to travel through the underworld, the realm of the invisible, of ancestors, of dreams, of the soul, and take others with her, on extraordinary shamanic voyages. Anastasiya, Svetlana’s niece, is one of the very few shamans in the world who masters the art of both white and black shamanism. By whoever knows her, or even just heard of her, she is considered a reincarnation of the Princess of Altay. Selene Calloni Williams and her son Michelangelo have met these three shamans by chance during one of their extraordinary research trips, while attempting to reach the burial site of the Princess of Altay. To gain the three shamans’ trust, Selene and Michelangelo have visited them on several occasions since, even in winter when the steppe is freezes at minus 40 degrees. One day, Svetlana decided to entrust them with a “tale of power”. A “tale of power” has the ability of communicating images containing new possibilities of thought and action. In this world everything is imagination and nothing which hasn’t been imagined before can happen. For example, how could the first man have hunted the first mammoth, or the first tyrannosaurus have devoured the first velociraptor, if within instinct the image of hunt hadn’t existed? In order for behaviour to exist there always must be a guiding image. These are the images which the ancients addressed as gods and which psychoanalysts define as archetypes: the original forms of all experiences. Shamans are able to converse with gods. They are bards, storytellers, they know tales able to bring images into existence, create possibilities which were previously unexplored, and thus can solve otherwise insurmountable problems. These are not just any stories; they’re “tales of power”. This book tells the story of the passionate love which bonds a boy and a girl, an old man and an old woman, tells of eagles and underworlds, describes the “shamanic journey” and the triumph of love over fear and death. It is not just any story; it shares active secrets, treasures, like magic diamonds which enter the body between one page and the other, between an adventure and the other. This book can be read at the blink of an eye, the same blink with which the great spirit of the Black Eagle, the lord of the dead, will carry you down to the underworld, to then take you back, changed forever, to your life: it’s magic, it’s poetry. 

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