Alternating Bass Guitar Method (Fingerpicking lessons with video)

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This course well help you to learn guitar fingerpicking with ease and have fun at the same time. It is not just exercises, but it is also a true guide to step by step for learning to play on the guitar complete songs of average technical difficulty which is clearly indicated. The course has been put together so even beginners can learn with ease with a little time and patience. All music in the ebook is recorded on “TheGuitarNick” YouTube channel with a direct link to video lesson for all exercises. The exercises have been written and tested in the field during the past sixteen years to teach guitar fingerpicking to my many of my students with guaranteed results. There is also a large selection of devoted songs with a wide variety of musical genders. Which is all put together by a great comprehensive fingerpicking technique, and you will also be able to play the melody of the song and the accompaniment with alternating bass. It is divided into three levels of increasing difficulty: The first is written for the beginner where there are numerous combinations to be studied for fingering on both hands. In the second step it introduces new technical combinations of playing, and in the third it finally address’s techniques for the more intermediate level using these techniques. All this is organised in a very gradual learning process, so it introduces one element at a time. Not only the beginner but also guitarists in the more intermittent stage and above will find the information in this book helpful. After completing the course it will give the student more confidence to carry on to higher levels of playing this beautiful instrument the guitar. Mastering the thumb is a very crucial part of fingerpicking to say the least this has a influence on the bass pattern of the music you are playing, and also with the thumb and combinations of the index, middle and ring finger you can play different melodies.

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