10 STEPS TO EARN MONEY AS AN ARTIST - the ultimate guide -

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10 STEPS TO EARN MONEY AS AN ARTIST - the ultimate guide - Is the practical guide on how to transform your passion into money. Step by step you will discover the secrets on how to become known as an artist and sell your artwork. Internet has changed the cards on the table and, now it is possible!! 10 basic steps to understand how the Art world works and how to become part of it. 10 basic steps on how to launch a successful artistic career and earn real money regularly, making the most of the power of the internet. Passion is everything, the moment is now! 10 STEPS TO EARN MONEY AS AN ARTIST: 1 Overcoming your fears 2 Your space 3 What to do? 4 An Artist's life 5 Be different! 6 Showing your work! 7 Promote yourself! 8 Create Value 9 Selling! 10 Keep Calm (Patience) AMAZON FEEDBACK “A book as simple as it is practical. Reading it makes you feel better- liberated. Definitely money well spent.” (Pako Facchini) “A practical book, easy to read and understand.....full of hints and tips on how you can make money with your art.” (Federico) “Stimulating: reading it makes you dream but at the same time you keep your feet on the ground as everything written down here is possible, so it really gives you that incentive to get started.” (Spg) “A book every artist should read. A series of practical tips that are really useful in making money doing what you love best” (Pierluigi Porazzi)

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