A mask a day - United 2

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UNITED is a collection of poems written from 1970 to 1980 where, the author, Enrico Micheli put into verse his life path including restlessness, anxiety, pain and a thousand other emotions. A common feature of all poems is their conciseness, as if the author was afraid that the feelings can slip away as the pen flows on the sheet. This composition does not want to be the clear and aesthetic consciousness of a period or a life but simply, a sincere search of communicating, a response to the concerns almost physiological of the soul. In these verses there is a snapshot of one's being, a scrutinize the depths of his own weakness and of his own contradictions, not to resolve them but to live them to the end. Each poem is as a witness of this struggle for and against ourselves, and against others because the truth that is at the bottom of every man has to be a common interest. This collection is divided into three books: Projections, A mask a day and Notes about the stars.

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