Creatures of Fire

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Losing her parents has left Sariel feeling lonely and empty. But then she meets Alexander, a fascinating, dangerous man. Losing her heart to him is foolish, especially since he isn’t human. Alexander is a fire demon, sent out to avenge murders. When he meets Sariel he is intrigued, his focus strays from his mission and he is captured by the very man he was supposed to kill. Suddenly both his and Sariel’s lives are in danger and only Sariel can save them. Excerpt: Bloody hell, he cursed silently. He had been hoping to achieve better results; to find out more about Baldwin’s aims and motivations. As it were, all he could do was feed off the energy he had tapped into. In a matter of minutes he felt more alive than before. He might not have been able to complete his mission but at least he was stronger now. Only a little bit more and he would be able to escape from his prison. Five minutes later he was ready to leave. It was about time; Baldwin wasn’t paying attention at the moment, but there was no telling how long this would last. Fortunately, though, he was still angry. Alexander was just about to draw back when a thought entered his head. Why was Baldwin in a rage? The man barely had control over himself. He was close to killing the person who had caused all the emotional turmoil. But who was it? Sariel. The name was just a whisper in his head. And then Alexander knew.

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