A French Darcy

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Fired from her high-flying corporate job, marketing guru Rebecca Ford arrives in rural France for a period of rest and recuperation. Despite being prompted by her best friend, attracting a ‘French Darcy’ is a long way from her thoughts. Before her feet touch the ground, she finds herself drawn to two men--the Vicomte de Bornay, a member of the French nobility who appeals to her desire for respect and status; and Marc Lambert, a good-looking street trader who both irritates and intrigues her in equal measure. The Vicomte makes his play and flatters her by asking for her professional help. The street trader ignores her ... at least for a while. But then she finds that to choose between them involves more than her own happiness--other people's livelihoods are at stake. She's forced to reappraise what she wants from her life, and what she believes each man could give her.

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