An Ideal Husband

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mrs. marchmont. Going on to the Hartlocks’ tonight, Margaret? lady basildon. I suppose so. Are you? mrs. marchmont. Yes. Horribly tedious parties they give, don’t they? lady basildon. Horribly tedious! Never know why I go. Never know why I go anywhere. mrs. marchmont. I come here to be educated. lady basildon. Ah! I hate being educated! mrs. marchmont. So do I. It puts one almost on a level with the commercial classes, doesn’t it? But dear Gertrude Chiltern is always telling me that I should have some serious purpose in life. So I come here to try to find one. lady basildon. [Looking round through her lorgnette.] I don’t see anybody here tonight whom one could possibly call a serious purpose. The man who took me in to dinner talked to me about his wife the whole time. mrs. marchmont. How very trivial of him! lady basildon. Terribly trivial! What did your man talk about? mrs. marchmont. About myself. lady basildon. [Languidly.] And were you interested? mrs. marchmont. [Shaking her head.] Not in the smallest degree. lady basildon. What martyrs we are, dear Margaret! mrs. marchmont. [Rising.] And how well it becomes us, Olivia!

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