15 Inspiring Quotes for Kids


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There’s nothing quite like a great quote book to help kids think differently or shed light in a difficult or confusing moment. But good words can provide more than just insight—they can actually move you to act. 15 Inspiring Quotes for Kids Quotes presents a unique and compelling collection of child-friendly wisdom from Aunt Lily.

Words can change people—and, ultimately, the world. In order to grow into their best selves, children need inspiration. They need positive influences to counterbalance to the negative words, role models, and behaviors that too often surround them. A great addition to any classroom, home library, or child’s bedside, this compilation is organized by themes that range from courage to education to friendship.

Thanks to an engaging, uplifting, and easy-to-read style, children and adults alike will enjoy poring over these empowering pages again and again.

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