Alone no more!

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relationships that lead to consignment, marriage, and youngsters? And how come the rest of us left questioning how they do it-while we seem to go on date after date, or have one relationship after another come apart? Is it that we choose the wrong individuals again and again? Or maybe we act a particular way that makes perfectly great mates leave us. Perhaps it’s even merely a matter of mischance and bad timing that causes a few of us to discover ourselves alone. The reality may be real hard to believe. And that's that anybody can have a loving, healthy, and long-lived relationship with a mate they find both attractive as well as nurturing of their character, spare-time activity, and goals. But, what commonly occurs it that we get into relationships and then act in those relationships entirely based on gut instinct. And not only are we unconscious of where those instincts come from, but those instincts are commonly based on some really bad habits learned in childhood. Fortunately, a few of the worlds best psychologists, dating gurus, and sex therapists have spent a long time coaching couples, as well as exploring sexuality and the chemistry and development of the human brain, in order to discover the precepts behind successful, long-term romances. It will take a little reading of their advice in this book and doing a little work on yourself to discover how happy partnerships are made. However with time, you and literally everybody in this world may find their soul mate.

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