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DESCRIPTION In a town filled with trophy wives, Jackie’s the hottest MILF of all! When she decides it’s time to seduce a pair of twins, the young men can’t help satisfying this horny older woman. When Jackie finds these young men can keep her satisfied all night long, she brings more friends along to join in the fun! With so many possibilities behind every door, what exactly is about to happen in Cougarville? EXCERPT Dan didn’t know quite what to do. He’d never had a girl, let alone a hot mature woman, come on to him like this before. Jackie was having fun. She could feel Dan’s body trembling. “Are you afraid of me?” she asked. “What? No!” Dan answered. “Then put your arms around me and kiss me, please,” Jackie told him. Dan opened his mouth then closed it. He put his arms through Jackie’s and around to her back. Yes, he and his brother had come here sure that they were going to have sex with her but the reality of it was amazing, almost overwhelming. He hoped that he wouldn’t come too soon and embarrass himself when they got down to making love. Jackie pulled Dan’s hips forward against hers and felt the lump in his jeans that she’d hoped would be there. She pressed her tits against his chest. She tilted her head a little to the left. Dan, heart beating like a trip hammer, tilted his head a bit to the left. Jackie brushed her lips against his. “You have kissed a girl before, haven’t you?” she asked. Dan started to answer but Jackie pressed her lips against his, opening them a little, and using the tip of her tongue to tease open his lips and mouth. Then Jackie and Dan were involved in a long tongue-twisting, wet, delicious kiss. Dan’s arms automatically tightened on Jackie’s body, pulling her firmly against his own. She pulled his hips harder against her own. Jackie and Dan kissed for several seconds, grinding their hips together. “Oh fuck!” Don exclaimed. His cock was hard and feeling uncomfortable in his tight jeans. Jackie pulled her lips from Dan’s, giving him a couple of sweet lip kisses then turned to Don. “I suppose you’d like a kiss, too,” she said, teasing him. “Uh! Uh!” was all that he got out. “I’ll take that for a yes,” Jackie said. “Sorry lover, but you don’t mind if I kiss your twin brother, do you?” she said to Dan. Dan grinned, cock hard and ready, knowing that what he and his brother had hoped would happen was going to happen. They’d talk about sharing a girl or woman before. They’d even tried to suggest it to their girlfriends but only got back, “You’ve got to be kidding!” answers. That was when they began switching bracelets and fucking each other’s girlfriends without them knowing about it. But now, now, they had a bona fide beautiful cougar who knew the score and wanted to score with both of them and, of course, they both wanted to score with her.

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