Arcana Major XVI: The Tower

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In Arcana Major, the Observance has been in power from time immemorial. The Celebrants spread the Faith in Dithrium and the High Caste of ThoseWhoHavePaidThePrice influences the lives of all the inhabitants of the fiftysix Minor Territories. The discontent of the Adverses aswell as the infightings are conspiring against the established Order. In the district of the Tower, the Prison of the Arcanes, alliances and betrayal intertwine. Everyone is trying to get the most out of the upcoming Overturning of the Cards of Destiny. Nikor of the Vampiroids yearns for the Redemption of his desperate people, who have been decimated by the Army of the Lower Caste; he is ready for anything, he doesn’t care about his friends or his enemies and keeps under control Mentis, the Psychomaker of ThoseWhoMustPayThePrice. It is she who is trying to save the Arcanes from Chaos, perhaps betrayed at the same time by the Minor, who wants her at all costs and who has asked for the Love Custody to bind her forever.

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