Business Management and ethical dilemmas - Theoretical Background and research

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The motivation to write on the subject of moral values and business issues was an ongoing discussion on moral principles in business practices. The approach in this book will be that of integration between the commercial world and the ethical perspective with a greater emphasis on moral aspects but with concrete consequences for business day to day work. Today such integration of these two subjects – business and ethics is always being more and more developed in published literature. There is a notable explosion of research in this area and people working in business are often very interested in studying and investigating what ethics and morals says to them. However, one has to make careful distinctions, because authors of published literature usually tend to assume a kind of general position with regard to ethical and social views and they are inclined not to differentiate between specific problems and situations. Thus, the concept of ethics and morals in business may become quite vague. The whole paper regards the problem of interaction between business motives and activities and the ethical perspective of an individual approach to life. The aim of this book is to delineate the relation between the active drive to profit from business activities and the person’s sense of ethical and moral decision making. Although the majority of materials used to write this paper come from international scientific research, I will try to reflect the cultural and sociological context of Europe, especially in business life in Slovakia where I live and I work.
The book conducts research in the area of Sustainable development of higher education in the fields of management in the frame of VEGA project No 1/0708/14.

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