Your smartwatch loves Tasker!


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Every tech enthusiast looks forward to handling some sort of smartwatch. These are hot years for this kind of devices, and new models are coming out quickly. In particular, there are many devices, belonging to the low end category, which wear a proprietary firmware, which does not allow to install new applications or customize the device. This is the case for example of the U8 smartwatch, by U Watch. This ebook aims to give you some skills and a method you can use to enhance your smartwatch experience. Combining some basic features of this kind of smarwatches (the ability to make calls and the ability to receive phone notifications) with the power of Tasker (an android application you can find in the google play store), you can really get more from your wrist, and with some tricks simulate some of the awesomeness an android wear device provides by itself. After a brief introduction to the concept behind this approach, and some Tasker notions, you'll be guided through a series of real working examples and at the end you'll be ready to write your own scripts and get the most out of your low end smartwatch. Stefano Contini (abidibo, on the web) is an Italian physicists and software developer living and working in Turin, at Otto SRL ( Interested in all programming aspects he's a javascript addicted, a django fan and he develops full stack web applications.He began to publish contents on the web in the late 2001 in old plain static HTML to eventually arrive to his current personal web site (, something more than a blog where it is possible to find technical material about ohysics and informatics, some piece of software, scripts and programming tips.You can find him on twitter (@abidibo), and write him at

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