American Civil war 150 years and 150 photos

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This book is a terrific collection of finest re-coloured and restored shots of the men and soldiers of the Great American War. The American Civil War that start the April 12, 1861, it was, with the Crimean Conflict (1854), the first war to be photographed intensively. Americans people for the first time saw vivid and horrific photographs of the terrible effects of the war on his battlefield. The number of Civil War photographs that are available contrasts sharply with the scarcity of pictures from subsequent conflicts such as the Franco-Prussian War, the Italian Risorgimento’s wars, and the various colonial wars before the Boer War. There were a good number of photographers who were present during many of the battles and at other scenes of the American Civil War, and collectively they have provided the world with a visual first hand account of this otherwise fleeting period in American history. Thanks to these dedicated and unselfish pioneers in this new era of photography, men like Mathew Brady. Timothy O’Sullivan, Alexander Gardner, Thomas G.Roche, George S.Cook and others were able to capture a part of the American Civil War that you will never forget. We welcome you to view all our 150 recolored or restored B/W images in this wonderful book!

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