A pencilled love

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    Romanzi Rosa, Narrativa Rosa

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Quarta di copertina

Marco Feltri is a Police Inspector in a provincial town.   He is soon to be married to Sabrina, a very ambitious lawyer and is a life-long friend of Hego, head of the local gypsy community.   Their existence is shaken by the arrival of the new Chief Constable, Alessia Costantini, who is interested in a traffic of stolen cars, that Marco believes will conduct his colleagues to the gypsy camp.    During the last week before his wedding, there is nothing else he can do but try to get by, as best he can, between the preparations for the ceremony, Hego’s various schemes and the pressure put on him by a sprightly ninety-year old, worried about the investigation being carried out by Marco concerning a theft, of which she is victim. Continuously at the mercy of a reckless attraction for Costantini, his colleague, Franco, an expert reader of Tarot cards, tells him that his future is in the shadow of a dangerous Arcana:  The Tower.

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