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When you can’t see yourself in the eyes of another, it’s not long before the face in your mirror looks like a stranger’s, too. It’s a truth more than one world has forgotten. In the century since the last Great War, a new technology called the Portal has placed the known universe at Earth’s doorstep. But with progress came the fear Earth’s new citizens might one day threaten the place of humankind on the planet. Annah is a seed-maiden of the world of Evohe; a world on the edge of the known Universe, who finds herself set apart from the rest of her race. Her blue eyes, golden hair and strange, slim form mark her as different, and her peculiar ideas about exploring the Sea of Stars beyond her world distance her even further. Too, she dreams of restoring the ancient faith of the Shapers to her world—a forgotten, forbidden path that her people believe led to the ruin of Evohe—but which they have found no way to replace. Annah aims to show them they are wrong, and to help her people find themselves, even if they shun her for it. It will take a chance meeting with a human man—one of the very people her kind fear most—to fulfill both her dream of finding a place to belong, and her dream of restoring her people to themselves. This is Annah's story. This is the story of her mate, Gary Holder. And this is the story of the Children of Evohe. The adventure begins now.

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