Life after Love


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When Lieutenant Jon Brody was wounded in action whilst on Duty in war-torn Sudan, his injuries were so bad that he decided to cut Michelle loose. What kind of life could he possibly offer her with the physical damage his body had suffered? She loved him. Regardless. But he told her to forget about him. To move on. She was young. And beautiful. She deserved more.  Michelle was devastated. Would she ever have someone to cherish her again? She had to leave her place of work. Just to get away from it all. There were too many memories of Lieutenant Jon Brody around this Military Base. Her Hotel career got off with a bang. She loved it. Being busy kept her sane. Then she met him. Gabriel. Her gorgeous “Gentle Giant”. Love had not abandoned her after all! Life with Gabriel was amazing. He adored her. He cherished her. He loved her. And she gave him her all. But his horrible mother hated Michelle. With a passion. That “crazy war” between his mother and Michelle tore at dear Gabriel’s heart.  Then Gabriel died. After locking her heart in an iron box and throwing the key into the deepest darkest Ocean, Michelle packed her bags and left for Germany. And though Germany was very kind to her, nothing lasts forever. She had to go back home. Just when she thought that love had absolutely given up on her, Michelle’s journey leads her to this most striking man. But would she have to pay yet another high price for loving?He smiled at her from across the room. She smiled back. He was worth it ...

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