40 Hadith Reflections on Marketing and Business

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Many books have been written on the sayings and actions of the Prophet. Called hadith, past scholars have often compiled these in collections of 40 for its blessings, easy remembrance and application.Inspired by their great works and the athar or narration of ‘Umar bin Al-Khattab which stresses the need for the businessman to know his religion and religious rulings concerning commerce before engaging in business, this book is a collection of 40 hadith with reflections from a marketing and business perspective.It attempts to uncover the many hidden gems of good business practices found in the hadith for the marketer and business owner to be guided from in order to succeed in this world and the hereafter. While magnum opuses such as Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim already contain chapters on business transactions, this book also includes other aspects of marketing such as strategy, product creation, distribution, human communications, measurement and management.The reader will be amazed to find the prophet advising us on seemingly modern marketing concepts and techniques some 14 centuries ago.Hence, this book was written for the marketer who wants to know how to do his marketing and run his business well, and who is also interested to discover some of the hidden gems of marketing in Islam.

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