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Emil Krulish

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Medical Handbook


Emil Krulish

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The <i>Medical Handbook</i> (Vol. 8) by Emil Krulish is a thorough examination of medicine and medical practices of the turn of the twentieth century. This text was originally distributed in Alaska to employees of the Bureau of Education free-of-charge. As the state of Alaska was still considered the "Alaskan Wilderness" at the time of publication, the book seemed essential for teachers located in the territory to combat health concerns and provide medical attention when needed. "In Alaska there are large areas in which the services of a physician are not obtainable, and it often becomes the duty of the teacher not only to render first aid to an injured or sick native, but to care for him through the entire course of severe illness without the aid of a physician…"<br><br>One advantage of aiming the content of the book towards those with educational backgrounds (as opposed to medicine) is that the book is written in an approachable and plain style that all readers will find easy to read and comprehend. Because the book was written for teachers in Alaska, it also explores symptoms and treatment for the common diseases of the native population. A wide range of medical diagnoses are covered in the handbook, including anemia, appendicitis, asthma, chicken pox, eczema, earache, diphtheria, gangrene, hives, measles, lice, meningitis, mumps, scurvy, pneumonia, and rickets. The quarantining procedure is also outlined and emphasized as a means to prevent the spread of deadly disease and virus on the frontier. <br><br>An incredible intersection between medicine and education, this handbook serves as a precursor to the pamphlets and infomercials of today. A captivating read for anyone intrigued by the Alaskan wilderness, turn of the century approaches to medicine, and medical history. Highly recommended for all readers--no prior knowledge or skill level in the subject area required!<br><br>It should be noted that this book covers medical procedures from over one hundred years ago, so should not be followed for medical advice. Use the services of a modern medical professional instead!


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