Islam and Christianity in India and the Far East


Elwood Morris Wherry

Forgotten Books

Islam and Christianity in India and the Far East - Bookrepublic

Islam and Christianity in India and the Far East


Elwood Morris Wherry

Forgotten Books


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In the following chapters I have endeavoured to give an account of the Church's endeavour to bring the Gospel to the Moslems in India, China and Malaysia. This endeavour now appears not unlike the eiforts of those intrepid travellers who many years since started out to discover the sources of the Nile. One after an other entered upon this most difficult undertaking, each accomplished something of value, but for a long time the intrepid voyager either sacrificed his life in the wilds of Central Africa or returned to confess a failure. In due time the persistence of man has revealed the secret; the sealed doors at the head of the great mysterious river have been opened and once more the deserts of Egypt and Nubia are being converted into fruitful fields. The missionaries of the Eastern and Western Catholic Churches have done their work. Great tomes were writ ten by them to expound to Christian readers the Quran and the Traditions of Islam. Some Moslems were con verted, but the light of the Gospel was so obscured by the darkness of superstition and idolatry as to fail to reveal the way to the hearts of the followers of Moham med. It remained for Protestant Christianity to bring to the Moslems of India and the Far East the clear light of the teachings of Jesus Christ. It remained for Protestant governments to bring to the Moslem world the gospel of religious liberty and to enable the Christian evangelist to present the saving truth of God's Word to his Moslem hearer without let or hindrance. I have endeavoured to indicate some of the dangers which beset the agents of the Church in their evangel istic work among Moslems. My supreme desire is that the reading of this book may convince every Christian missionary that the weapons which will best bring vic tory to the Christian standards are prayer for the power of God's Holy Spirit to guide and prompt every word and act for their evangelisation, to enable the Christian to voice the Gospel in his life and dealings with them, and finally to place his dependence upon the Bible as the sword of the Spirit, able to convince and to convert the hearts of Moslem readers and hearers.


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