Heat-Treatment of Steel


Erik Oberg

Forgotten Books

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Heat-Treatment of Steel


Erik Oberg

Forgotten Books


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Methods of handling various types of steel evolve constantly across the areas of hardening, annealing, and tempering and Oberg’s ‘Heat-Treatment of Steel’ has remained important to understanding our methods up to the modern day. The uses of new alloys and materials necessitates creativity and invention. This book covers the underlying rationale of the methods used and as such has become timeless in a world of constant change. Alongside advice on measuring the hardness and durability of materials this book also covers the major types of apparatus and their primary functions. This includes electric and gas furnaces and their appropriate use with a range of types of steel and alloys, quenching baths and tempering baths. Oberg also gives a full account of the appropriate treatment for alloys, high speed steel and more traditional steel.<br><br>Particular care has been taken to detail the methods and underpinnings of various techniques, making this work highly relevant in modern industry. Electric hardening furnaces are explained in comprehensive detail as well as methods of case hardening steel using carbonaceous gases. <br><br>Erich Oberg’s work is widely acknowledged as the definitive authority on complex manufacturing methods. It deals with the essentials without sacrificing the deeper level of instruction on the topic of heat treating steel. The book is one of several however this reflects more Erich Oberg’s devotion to his craft and exacting standards than any area absent from his individual books.<br><br>For those interested in current or historical methods of steel treatment, this book is a precious resource set out plainly for all to benefit from. <br>


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