Bookbinding for Beginners


Florence Ordway Bean

Forgotten Books

Bookbinding for Beginners - Bookrepublic

Bookbinding for Beginners


Florence Ordway Bean

Forgotten Books


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The lessons to be outlined in the following series pre suppose some instruction in paper-folding, cardboard con struction, and simple mechanical drawing. Though desir able, this is not essential. While in some ways better suited to the middle grades of the elementary schools, selection may be made from the lessons here outlined which will give excellent training to the upper grades in those schools where the curriculum does not include shop — work, cooking, or sewing. To secure this flexibility of the course, each problem is outlined in several ways, with varying degrees of difficulty. The selection should depend upon the grade in which it is to be given. Some of the more dexterous pupils may be able to work out a problem in several ways. In each lesson outlined, there is a chance for the exercise of individuality in the details of the model as to size, shape, decoration, and color. Concerning choice of material, it seems wiser that this should be exercised by the teacher or supervisor rather than by the pupil. The object of'the course is educational, not industrial, therefore, those methods which stimulate inventiveness, ability to plan simple work, and dependence on one's own initiative are most desirable. The directions given under each problem have been so worded that they call for the greatest amount of thought and initiative on the part of the worker. The use of such instruo tion develops power to think, to plan constructive work and to carry it to completion. At first, it may be necessary for the teacher to elaborate some points especially in connection with the working drawings or sketches, but after a little training, each pupil should be able to lay out and cut all parts from his own drawings; as the work progresses, he should depend less and less upon the teacher's assistance in making his plans. High standards of work and correct processes should always be set before the pupil, and these are best assured by the teacher becoming thoroughly conversant not only with the general construction of an article to be made, but with the best methods of securing neat and accurate results. Eventually, the pupil's mental attainments will Show in the tangible work of his hands.


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