History of the Hebrews


Frank Knight Sanders

Forgotten Books

History of the Hebrews - Bookrepublic

History of the Hebrews


Frank Knight Sanders

Forgotten Books


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This volume seeks to make clear the important place of the Hebrew people in the history of nations and to justify the se lection of their history, as set forth in the Old Testament, as an introduction to the larger subject. It seems deplorable that so many thoughtful people of today, old and young alike, take little or no interest in the Bible or in the fascinating history which it records. The reason is largely, to be found in the fact that they failed in their formative years to become acquainted with the Bible in its true values, its attractiveness and its practical power. There seems to be a place for a compact, comprehensive outline of Biblical history and literature, simple enough in its expression and execution to hold the attention of the growing mind, and yet complete enough to meet the reasonable needs of any mind. Hebrew history and literature is a theme of great importance to the one who would really know his Bible. It can be mastered rapidly. Too much time is given, as a rule, to details of relatively slight consequence to the exclusion of those which have far~reaching importance. This volume aims to indicate a proper balance of attention. It also seeks to enable the student to get rapidly to the heart of the subject and to View it frorri all essential standpoints, that of universal history, that of the development of the Hebrews, and that of permanent and personal values. The supreme defect of the religious thinking of the average man or woman of today is its narrowness. Every religiously-minded person needs to be familiar with the whole Bible and with the Bible as a whole. This knowledge need not be reserved for ministers or scholars. It mav be the possession of any thoughtful student of religion.


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