Complete Works of Friedrich Schiller


Friedrich Schiller

Forgotten Books

Complete Works of Friedrich Schiller - Bookrepublic

Complete Works of Friedrich Schiller


Friedrich Schiller

Forgotten Books


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With common pewter, which the lowliest dame Would scorn, they furnish forth her homely table. Paul. Thus did she treat her spouse at Stirling once; And pledged, the while, her paramour in gold. Ken. Even the mirror's trifling aid withheld. Paul. The-contemplation of her own vain image Incites to hope, and prompts to daring deeds. Ken. Books are denied her to divert her mind. Paul. The Bible still is left to mend her heart. Ken. Even of her very lute she is deprived paul. Because she tuned it to her wanton airs. Ken. Is this a fate for her, the gentle born, Who in her very cradle was a queen? Who, reared in Catherine's luxurious court, Enjoyed the fulness Of each earthly pleasure? Was't not enough to rob her of her power, Must ye then envy her its paltry tinsel? A noble heart in time resigns itself To great calamities with fortitude But yet it cuts one to the soul to part At once with all life's little outward trappings! Paul. These are the things that turn the human heart To vanity, which should collect itself In penitence; for a lewd, vicious life, Want and abasement are the only penance. Ken. If youthful blood has led her into error, With her own heart and God she must account There is no judge in England over her. Paul. She Shall have judgment where she hath trans gressed. Ken. Her narrow bonds restrain her from transgression paul. And yet She found the means to stretch her arm Into the world, from out these narrow bonds.


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