Practical Italian Recipes


James B. Herndon

Forgotten Books

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Practical Italian Recipes


James B. Herndon

Forgotten Books


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<i>Practical Italian Recipes: For American Kitchens</i> by James B. Herndon is an ideal read for people interested in cooking Italian food in their American homes and learning about the exciting history behind some of the most beloved Italian dishes. In fact, the book itself has an exciting history behind it, as it was initially printed and sold to support the families of Italian soldiers during World War I. The collaboration of American and Italian soldiers during the war led to the compilation and eventual publication of this incredible book and allowed for a watershed cultural exchange between the two groups that influence the historic appreciation for Italian food in America. <br><br>The book begins with a detailed description of a typical Italian housewife, with the admonition that Italian housewives are in a unique position to teach their American counterparts a thing or two about economy in the kitchen. At the time of publication, during food restrictions and economic tariffs, economy in the kitchen was something at the forefront of every cook and chef's mind, making this book an overnight success with its target audience. The Italian housewife's secret is simple: utilize mostly vegetables (that you grown yourself) and only small cuts of the most inexpensive meats. Not only does Herndon argue that Italian cooking would save American cooks a tremendous amount of money, he also offers a considerable amount of food replacement suggestions for recipes that call for goods that, due to the war, had become rare and hard to obtain. These replacement foods, he argues, never diminish the flavor of the food and in some cases even improve upon the original menu.<br> <br>James B. Herndon's book <i>Practical Italian Recipes: For American Kitchens</i> is a wonderful resource not just for the American cook, but for cooks of all nationalities. With a fascinating history, this book provides an exciting glimpse into the hearts (and stomachs) of WWI soldiers and their kitchens. Highly recommended for readers that like to cook or eat!


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