The Practice of Prayer


G. Campbell Morgan

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The Practice of Prayer - Bookrepublic

The Practice of Prayer


G. Campbell Morgan

Forgotten Books


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G Campbell Morgan wrote the Practice of Prayer not just to recommend prayer, but a full biblical underpinning to a habit of prayer and an acknowledgement of the Christian doctrine of the omniscient and omnipotent God.<br><br>In his life-long distinguished career of biblical study Morgan was particularly struck by the passage where the disciples beseech Jesus, ‘Lord, teach us to pray’. Reverend Morgan was both insistent that the modern church consider the necessity of wholehearted, faithful prayer and the most appropriate way to achieve it. He believed that the answers were furnished to the faithful by God but that the development of faith, the knowledge of how to pray and even more importantly the appropriate attitude for worship were crucial to righteous worship. In this work he explains his concept of the correct method. <br><br>Morgan examines each element of the trinity thoughtfully and explains in clear and poetic language the role that each element of the trinity plays in enabling the ideal practice of prayer. He identifies a tantalising human emotionality in Christ, the capacity for mercy in God and the inspiration for prayer that he attributes to the Holy Spirit. He refuses bars to prayer and urges those who would receive the full benefit of prayer to eschew activities that would block them from periods of theological reflection in favour of a more reflective approach to faith.<br><br>As as prominent teacher, theologian and minister Reverend Morgan’s arguments about the ideal approach to the practice and theory of prayer reflect his experience and education, as well as an emotional and moving account of spiritual closeness to God that he felt through prayer. For those seeking to expand the meditative element of their worship this book will linger on in the mind.


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