Reincarnation in the New Testament


James Morgan Pryse

Forgotten Books

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Reincarnation in the New Testament


James Morgan Pryse

Forgotten Books


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James Morgan Pryse was a publisher, author, and a theosophist who published several books on religion including <i>Reincarnation in the New Testament</i>. His long history with the theosophical society and his own familial involvement with the society inspired him to explore his interest in religion, specifically reincarnation, and attempt to find justifications for his own faith within the Bible. This deep conviction and relentless pursuit of truth encouraged Pryse to explore the Bible in new and interesting (even potentially heretic) ways.<br><br>As reincarnation was a topic of particular interest for Pryse, he spends much of the book breaking down key passages from the New Testament of the Bible in an attempt to uncover hidden meaning and inference. He offers substantial scriptural evidence in support of reincarnation and develops an argument for the validity in a modern belief of reincarnation. Knowing that the very topic of reincarnation was considered heretical by the Church, Pryse was determined to use ecclesiastical evidence to support his claim and eventually win over the support of both the Church and the people. <br><br>Truly an exceptional read, <i>Reincarnation in the New Testament</i> is an in-depth exploration of the philosophy of reincarnation using new evidence from the New Testament. Whether you believe or not, this book provides interesting philosophical and religious insight and provides an insightful and critical interpretation of scripture. This book is an essential read for the religious scholar, the new age spiritualist, the historical non-fiction reader, and the general interest reader. Pryse's treatise on reincarnation is an engaging and easy read making it perfect for any reader who is curious about the world and willing to take look at things in a new light.


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