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This book is designed to take the place among recipe books that the Ford does among automobiles. It is simple, practical, economical. But back of any recipe book must come intelligent planning of the meals, for at best recipes can only be the method of making foods palatable. Much depends upon arranging menus to pro mote the greatest degree of growth and health. In the average family which consists of adults and children both groups must be considered, for upon the proper feeding of its future citizens depends the fu ture power of our Nation. Children require more food of the body-building class than grown people; more food containing protein, as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and milk, which is most important of all. If fresh milk is not available condensed or evaporated milk should be substituted. Adults after forty require little meat. Once a day is often more than enough. Much acute indigestion, auto-intoxication, etc., would be avoided by a diet con sisting principally of meat substitutes, vegetables, and lighter foods. Of course those who lead a sedentary life require less substantial food and a. Smaller quantity of it than those who are engaged in muscular occupa tion. And with the preper planning should go regularity of serving, the same meals at the same time each day, the lighter meal at night, thorough mastication of the food, a cheerful atmosphere.


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