From Existence to Life


James Porter Mills

Forgotten Books

From Existence to Life - Bookrepublic

From Existence to Life


James Porter Mills

Forgotten Books


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I must ask the indulgence of my readers for my frequent offence against literary propriety, in formula ting the same ideas many times in different connections,often in the same words. My purpose has been to write for a very varied public, many of whose minds are in no way trained to thinking on these rather abstruse lines, and I have invariably found, in teaching my classes, that it is necessary to insist on the same points over and over again; for although some could receive them at once, the majority would fail to grasp them until familiarised by habit. Those, then, who have trained minds, will kindly overlook the otherwise in excusable repetition. Let me here add a word about my employment of capital letters throughout the book. Whenever I have made direct reference to Being — First Cause, or any of Its Modes — l have begun the word with a capital. On the other hand, whenever reference has been made indirectly to Being, as a correspondence in terms of man-consciousness — God-power in use by man — I have adhered to the ordinary type. The subject-matter contained in this volume is the concentration of a fifteen hours' discourse given in sections of an hour each; it cannot therefore yield up its spirit, even to the most intelligent reader, by a casual glance or a hasty looking through, or by any other than a careful consecutive reading, page by page. Even as many have been healed, while listening to the spoken word, during the progress of the lectures, so, also, there will be not a few who will experience this same healing power, when the perception and realization of the Spirit of Truth, in such degree as is embodied in these pages, breaks over their minds. I have not gone into the subject of Practical Heal ing as specifically and thoroughly as its importance demands; I hope, however, later in the year to bring out a supplementary book dealing solely with Practical Healing, and with the evolving of spiritual conscious ness through meditation.


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