History of the Formation of United States of America


George Bancroft

Forgotten Books

History of the Formation of United States of America - Bookrepublic

History of the Formation of United States of America


George Bancroft

Forgotten Books


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The choice of the president a difiicult problem, 165 How shall he be chosen, 166 — Shall he be re-eligible, 166 — The tenure of good behavior con sidered, 167 Question between the tenure of good behavior or the tenure for seven years with perpetual re-eligibility, 168 — Choice by the national legisla ture and re-eligibility incompatible, 168 — The choice of the president by the aggregate people rejected, 169 The choice by an electoral college, 169 Oh jections started against it, 170 — A triple executive proposed, 170 — Relation of re-eligibility of the executive to the length of the period of office, 171 Madison proposes the election by the people at large, 171 — Jealousy of the smaller states, 171 — Proposal that each person should vote for two candidates, the highest to prevail, 172 — Different plans proposed, 172 — The convention votes for a single executive, to be chosen by the legislature for seven years, and to be ineligible, 173 The decision not accepted as final, 173 — Report of the committee of detail, 17 3 Antagonism of the smaller and the large states, 174 — The choice of the president by the vote Of the states negatived, 175 Subject referred to a committee of eleven, 176 -opinions of Gouverneur Mor ris, 176 — Of Sherman, 177 Report of the committee, 177 — The president to be voted for in the electoral colleges of the states, 178 — And the vote to be counted by the senate, 178 — The plan of leaving so much power to the senate objected to, 179 — Continued debate, 180 Speech of Wilson, 181 — Of Hamil ton, 182 — Ilow the votes were to be counted, 182 The mode of counting in Massachusetts preferred to that of Virginia, 183 — A summary statement of the matter, 184 — Election of the vice-president, 186 Title of the president, 187 — The veto power, 187 — Power of pardon, 188 — The president commander in-chief, 188 — Restraints proposed on the executive power, 188 — A privy council proposed, 189 — The plan for a council rejected, 190 Relation of the president and the senate, 190 — Power of war and peace, 191 — Over inter course with foreign states, 191 Power of appointment, 191 — Power of removing, 192 Qualifications of the president, 192 — Impeachment of the president, 193 — State of the president while on trial, 194 — Judgment in case of impeachment, 194.



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